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Security Training

Training is the key to success; the more you train, the more likely you will achieve the desired result. This is most true of safety. Your safety is our primary concern, and it should be yours too. We believe that it is always better to have the skill and not need it than to need the skill and not have it.

What we do

At Vertex Security Services we provide safety trainings at every level. From situational awareness with Refuse To Be A Victim, to firearms proficiency with NRA's Basic Pistol to first aid response with Stop The Bleed. Additionally, we work with office staff, residential workers, and the general public in crafting and ensuring that they have the best possible training to keep them and those they care for safe.

If you would like to explore how to incorporate safety into your life, please contact us to discuss what we can achieve together.

Contact Vertex Security Services

Please reach out for information about the variety of programs we have available. 


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